About translating

Many young couples plan to choose the summer for their wedding ceremony. The weather is warm, the wedding ceremony may take place outdoors and the wedding guests need not be dressed like for Siberia.
Translating is a word game that can keep you entertained for days and nights. It’s unchained joy when the long expected result is reached, but it’s also a tough job that often makes translators sweat blood.
Would not an “ordinary” translation suffice? Why pay more for a certified translation?
Do you realize that flawless and easily legible text is one of the factors determining the decision-making of your potential customers?
When somebody asks me what I do and where I work, I usually give the same answer, “I work in a translation agency.” “Really? Wow! And how many languages do you know?” another set of questions follows in quick succession.
If you're wondering why translators use the words "source word" or "standard page" and what these expressions mean, what types of interpreting there are, or you're interested in the translation prices... then you've come to the right place.
Have you just started your business? Or do you have a business that already took off, but you're wondering what to do next? It's great to be successful on the "home court", that means something! You feel needed, because someone needs your services and products and is interested in them. But you want more. You want to expand and grow, and suddenly this country is too small for you.
Do you like to have fun? Do you enjoy idioms and phrases that can't be translated literally? Then take a look at idioms used in our country and the rest of the world.
The market is currently saturated with individuals and agencies that offer "guaranteed" translating and localization services. Now I'm firing into my own ranks, because this is exactly the field we operate in and by which we not only make our living, but we also enjoy doing it!
In today's slightly hectic times, everyone is trying to make their work easier, as well as save money. Each of us uses a different method, and each sector has its specific tools.