On your MARK…aim for your GOAL!

On your MARK…aim for your GOAL!
Have you just started your business? Or do you have a business that already took off, but you're wondering what to do next? It's great to be successful on the "home court", that means something! You feel needed, because someone needs your services and products and is interested in them. But you want more. You want to expand and grow, and suddenly this country is too small for you.

You want to expand abroad! Where to start? Ahead of you lies market research, countless analyses…and a carousel of activities and responsibilities that you have not had to deal with in the past begins to spin.

One example for all. Every country has different habits, customs, traditions, and different language. If your priority is addressing foreign clients, then you have no choice but to work on translating a presentation of your company, your website, promotional materials, etc.

You have several options of how to start translating, as well as several options of how to quit.

  1. At this stage, you will search your memory, get out a dictionary...and start translating by yourself. You won't spend a single dime on the translation, but you will lose a lot of time that could otherwise be spent acquiring new orders, making quotations, or on your regular customers. And the quality of the translation? Perhaps the level of quality will not be as high as you’d need.
    And as was mentioned before - different countries have different customs. Maybe you didn't even think about adapting the text to a target market, i.e. localization. However, localization is not something you can just shrug off. It will help you avoid many of the inconveniences you can expect in a new market.
  2. If you already cast aside the idea of doing the translating yourself and linguistic style isn't important to you, then you have a second option. You can search in the vast selection of freelance translators for hours and hours. Many of them are skillful and their work is meticulous, but how can you navigate between so many freelancers and find out whether their work meets your requirements? It will take a lot of time to verify a translator, apart from the fact that you will need a native speaker for each language. And time keeps passing….and you're losing money.
  3. Another option is to choose people who work with foreign language texts every day. People who will take care of your texts from A to Z, and who can also localize your texts and recognize inaccuracies in the written word to the smallest detail. Sure, you'll have to reach into your wallet, but it will be a negligible amount in comparison to what you can gain. What will you gain by letting experts translate your texts?

It's simple. Your texts will be taken care of by translators who live and work in the country in which you want to reach your potential clients. Moreover, their professional education will correspond to the field of your business.

The result? 

With your properly translated documents, website, presentation documents and other materials, you will have a significantly higher chance of succeeding in the market you intend to enter.  People will understand you, what you are writing about, what you are doing for them and what you have to offer. You will be able to reach a wide audience that will pay more attention to you if you personalize the written text to their habits and language. Your chance of succeeding in a foreign market will increase!

Our team consists of translators and proofreaders of many different languages and cultures. Translators who understand their job and do it honorably.

Write to us or call us at A-tradi. We are here for you. We are here to help you get your business into foreign markets!