Language proofreading

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Are you great at selling, but you're not so confident when you need to write a business letter? Does punctuation and writing style confuse you? You don't have to worry, we can solve your problem for you! We proofread texts in many world languages every day.

The texts you publish are your business card. Whether it's a formal letter to your business partner, a presentation of your company for a foreign buyer or a manual to your product, grammatical errors are not desirable.   

What do we check in your document?

If you have flawless texts, your customers will see you as a serious and professional business partner.

Proofreading of translated documents is performed by a linguist who did not translate the document. Upon request, the proofreader compares the source text with the translated text. The aim of proofreading is to eliminate any typos, spelling errors and inaccuracies.

Are you worried your files may have grammatical, stylistic or terminological errors? We can eliminate shortcomings in reports, documents and promotional materials. We don't race against time, your satisfaction and the quality of the finished work is what is most important to us

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