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Why do you need localisation of websites, software applications, online help or manuals? Localisation is the key to your market entry!

Do you want to be successful in foreign countries, but you're not sure where to start? Language localisation of promotional materials is an essential step that will facilitate the presentation of your products in countries where you want to reach potential clients.

It is important that the final translation corresponds with your target market, and that the functionality of the translated materials is preserved. On one hand, localisation means changing variables (e.g. units of measurement or monetary units), on the other hand, localisation adapts the text to the trends, culture or slang of the given country.

The level of localisation may vary in individual projects. The graphic design, terminology, grammar style, colours and many other aspects related to the given country are evaluated. Sometimes localisation
of a translated text only alters it slightly, and sometimes it can change the text considerably.

The purpose of text localisation is to transform the text so that it corresponds with the target market, depending on the characteristics of the local language and culture.

If you need help with translating or proofreading a text or its localisation, we're here for you.

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