Meet our team

Martina Vašková

founder and CEO

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Martina's sense of precision and quality of work are the driving force of the whole team.
She manages to keep cool even in tense situations with her friendly attitude and calm character.
Martina's irreplaceable role lies in the moral support of each of us.

Years of experience along with her work style is what makes A-tradi a successful company.

Klára Karásková

project coordinator

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Klára's forte is her unflagging enthusiasm for the job.
She sees each new project as a challenge and every solved problem as a small victory.
Her friendly nature and sense of humour make Klára a great team player.

Martina Nevrklová

coordinator and internal translator 

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Martina is a perfectionist, which is a great asset for an in-house translator and proofreader.
She enjoys reading and her knowledge plays an important role in her translations.
Martina has been with A-tradi for quite some time, and she is a great support to her team in language consultancy.

Václav Kutiš

coordinator and internal translator

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Václav mainly focuses on IT translations, news from the CAT world, and any computing related issues that might be difficult to solve for some of us. His interests relate to mobile devices and computing both as a translator and as an enthusiastic user.
The word “problem” is not in his vocabulary – everything can be solved and managed – in a good mood and with a joke or two on top.

Jitka Nemčeková

marketing and business 

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With a backpack full of ideas and attention to detail, Jitka brings creativity to the company.
She applies her diligence and zealousness to business activities as well as creating marketing projects.
Jitka puts us on the map.

Our translators and interpreters are:

  • Specialists in the field
  • Reliable linguists
  • Every inch professionals
  • Experienced proofreaders
  • Native speakers of the target (translated) language