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We have a command of ico world 27 world languages. Our clients are satisfied with our services, which is why 97 % of our customers return.
We communicate with the world and the world communicates with us:ico people 1 000+ translators and interpreters.

That amounts to
1 027+ reasons
to choose us.

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Who we are

We are a Czech company whose goal it is to help you, our customers, overcome language and cultural barriers.

We know how important an accurate translation and correct interpretation is for your international relations. Whether you need to translate a scientific text, business correspondence or user manual, we are here for you. We offer you a helping hand in both written text and speech.

We have been doing what we understand and enjoy – translating, interpreting and language localisation – for more than 17 years.

We have gained popularity with our customers through the high quality of our translated texts, meeting deadlines, and a customer-friendly attitude.

Get to know us, our abilities and our values. A-tradi stands for