Pillars of Our Work

The chemical industry in the Czech Republic is one of the highest ranked in terms of its size and has a relatively wide range of activities - from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry to rubber, paper and much more.
In the Czech Republic which sectors carry a long-standing and meaningful tradition? One of them would surely be mechanical engineering, which began its development here between the First and Second World Wars.
The work of plumbers may somewhat be overlooked and unappreciated. Yet, plumbers are the men and women who are largely responsible for ensuring we have both hot and cold water, they attend to our waterborne heating, and provide us with gas distribution and sewage drainage.
Woodworking is a long-term tradition in the Czech Republic, whether the topic of discussion is the production of matches, paper and musical instruments, furniture making or construction.
The aim of every game or toy company is to entertain, take one’s mind off their responsibilities or to learn something new. The goal of most games is to win over your opponent, whereas the goal of any kind of toy is for little ones to develop skills, abilities and motor activity.
We keep animals to either make use of the products they provide - meat, eggs, wool, etc. or for the reason of protection and to keep us company.
In the Czech Republic, the automotive industry is one of the most significant industrial sectors and has acted as the Czech economy’s motor for many years. Today, one of the largest concentrations of automotive products, research and development in the world can be found here.
For the past twenty years, the development of information and communication technology has been moving forward at an unbelievable rate. What a few years ago seemed impossible or too far off in the future to be reality has become today’s standard.
The Czech Republic lies within the temperate zone, and, thanks to its favourable natural conditions, many private and co-operative farmers dedicate their lives to combined productions - both animal and plant.
According to the European Consumer Health Care Index (EHCI), the Czech Republic is a country where the effectiveness of healthcare isn’t a random happenstance, but rather a permanent trend. What is the cause of this success?
What do Czech industry and our translations and interpreting have in common? The answer: The amount of hard work put in. Czech industry has been operating on its pillars for more than a hundred years and our company A-tradi s.r.o. falls in line with only a few years less :).
In the Czech Republic new construction is popping up faster than weeds in a vegetable garden. Construction companies are constantly expanding their offers of new flats or office buildings in both lucrative areas and less-than interesting localities, and they are doing so despite the evolving economic crisis.
The printing industry in the Czech Republic falls in with similar branches where significant changes are taking place mainly due to the introduction of modern technology.
In the Czech Republic when we say the words “shoe industry” or “shoe production”, most of us immediately think of the name Thomas Bata. Thanks to him the then Czechoslovakia became a shoe-making titan.
Just as the explosive Semtex is inherently tied to the Czech Republic within this sector, our translations are tied to military vehicles.
We can no longer imagine what our daily lives would be like without the everyday use of electronic devices.
In the past, the Czech banking sector has gone through considerable changes. One of the most fundamental twists took place during the period when Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in 1993.
Water wastage is a world-wide problem, which is why the saving of this life-giving liquid needs to be accounted for in the future as well.