Pillars of Our Work

Water wastage is a world-wide problem, which is why the saving of this life-giving liquid needs to be accounted for in the future as well.
The chemical industry in the Czech Republic is one of the highest ranked in terms of its size and has a relatively wide range of activities - from the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry to rubber, paper and much more.
In the Czech Republic which sectors carry a long-standing and meaningful tradition? One of them would surely be mechanical engineering, which began its development here between the First and Second World Wars.
In the Czech Republic, the automotive industry is one of the most significant industrial sectors and has acted as the Czech economy’s motor for many years. Today, one of the largest concentrations of automotive products, research and development in the world can be found here.
Woodworking is a long-term tradition in the Czech Republic, whether the topic of discussion is the production of matches, paper and musical instruments, furniture making or construction.
What do Czech industry and our translations and interpreting have in common? The answer: The amount of hard work put in. Czech industry has been operating on its pillars for more than a hundred years and our company A-tradi s.r.o. falls in line with only a few years less :).