Games and toys

Games and toys
The aim of every game or toy company is to entertain, take one’s mind off their responsibilities or to learn something new. The goal of most games is to win over your opponent, whereas the goal of any kind of toy is for little ones to develop skills, abilities and motor activity.

Albeit some games and toys don’t require a heavily detailed description, it is necessary to familiarize primarily the parents regarding their children’s safety when using the game or toy according to the “Toy Safety Directive”. Similarly, when placing toys in a foreign market, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or distributor to provide the manual in the appropriate language, which is where we as translators come into play.

Our work consists of translating instructions for use, manuals and safety directions and inspecting the accuracy of translations within their requested languages. And which languages are those? We work with the northern languages Danish, Swedish, Finish as well as Ukrainian, Estonian, Russian, Lithuanian, Slovenian and Croatian.