Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry
According to the European Consumer Health Care Index (EHCI), the Czech Republic is a country where the effectiveness of healthcare isn’t a random happenstance, but rather a permanent trend. What is the cause of this success?

According to the authors of the EHCI report, the local healthcare system is stable and free of corruption, which is not so common a trait in countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

We do often come into contact with healthcare documentation, and the most requested forms are common translations and certified translations. For example, our work includes the translation of medical reports set to go to court negotiations in the event of an auto mobile accident in a foreign country, an operation taking place in a foreign country and so forth.

Other translations concern clinical studies, informational consent forms given to a patient before an operation, medical device manuals, etc.

The translation and language correction of informational brochures for immigrants provided a profoundly remarkable project due to its uncommon language combinations. The source language was English, whereas the target languages were Polish, Romanian, Somalian and Persian.