Do you like to have fun? Do you enjoy idioms and phrases that can't be translated literally? Then take a look at idioms used in our country and the rest of the world.

There is a plethora of idioms, and we use them very often without realizing it. For example, in the Czech Republic we say "to carry wood to the forest", and the English version of this expression is "to plough the sands". The phrase "the devils are getting married outside" evokes the famous English expression "it's raining cats and dogs".

Let's take a look at an idiom that is used worldwide and loved by everyone.

„To kill two flies with one blow“ is a pertinent expression for a situation where you manage to solve two problems with one solution. It is a situation that leaves us with the blissful feeling that we have succeeded at something.

This phrase is not only used by the Czechs, but is also known to the French, Germans, and flies are even killed in far away Turkey.

And what about other countries?

We've been killing flies, but in Britain they simply kill two birds with one stone. The Greeks go about it in a similar way, but they are pickier and only throw stones at pigeons.

The Brazilians have a similar method, although flies and pigeons are spared. Brazilians take a log or stone and kill two rabbits.  

The Italians don't beat, exterminate, or kill anything, instead they catch two pigeons with one bean. Whether they roast the pigeons or let them go is something you must find out for yourself.

The Poles are gourmets who use food in their collocations. In Poland they roast two roasts on one fire. 

If you like to experiment verbally, don't let your imagine run too wild. You could unwantedly become the center of attention.