The atmosphere of the historical city centre will make you feel like you've stepped right into a different century. Then how, in place of a team of horses, ladies twirling parasols and gentlemen in top hats, are cars driving on the city square as you run into tourists dressed in present-day clothing?

No matter. None of this takes away from the beauty of this local city. Telč has something to brag about. You can even find the city on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Chateau Telč

The extensive chateau grounds can be found within the Inner City where the majority of the most significant Telč sights are focused. The chateau belongs among the gems of Moravian renaissance architecture. The original interior has been kept in very good condition thanks to the sensitive care of its proprietors. It is worth mentioning that the chateau has never been sold but has rather been inherited from one generation to the next.
Resting in the chateau garden, which is actually one of the oldest architectural gardens in the Czech Republic or relaxing in the adjacent chateau park cannot be missed. Here you will be able to admire the precious wooded plants, 100-year-old trees or the classicistic green house with an arrangement of decorative flowers.

One church... two churches... maybe more?

Even though Telč isn’t some large town in terms of residents, here you will be able to visit five churches and one chapel. The church tower, standing closely between two churches, can be climbed to the top where you can look down on the city with a bird's eye view. If the large amount of sacral buildings doesn't cut it for you, head on over to the chapel on the hill just above Telč. You could admire the richness and colourfulness of the temple buildings for hours.   

Old Town

Soon as you finish enjoying the view of the wonderfully decorated building reliefs in the historical centre of the Inner City, visit the Old Town and Podolí, which are other parts of the city. Narrow streets and countless cobblestones in place of asphalt streets will lead you around to what used to be the Jesuit dorms through to the old Jewish cemetery. Get ready for a walk through a place that will simply absorb you in cosiness and nostalgia.  

What's going on in Telč?

Aside from historical sights, Telč also offers exhibitions, musical festivals from varying genres, flying in hot-air balloons, small boat trips, horse-drawn carriage rides and even golf. Hiking signs with different colours representing their difficulty are interwoven throughout the surroundings of the city. All you have to do is start walking or go by bike to get a taste of this region, full of forests and ponds.

Tips that could come in handy:

  • Entrance by car into the city centre is prohibited through the summer. Therefore, leave your four-wheeled friend in one of the adjacent parking lots. Your reward will be a pleasant walk with the unmistakable atmosphere of the conservation area.
  • You might run into multiple film crews making a film or TV serial, not only in the city centre, but also in the chateau or chateau garden. Telč is a favourite location for both Czech and foreign filmmakers, so it is possible that you will be able to meet various fairy-tale and film characters.
  • Telč has its own mobile application that will quickly and reliably guide you, if you have your GPS turned on, to the place that you are interested in and the app provides any needed additional information regarding admission, open hours, etc.
  • If you don't own a smart phone, you have the option of borrowing an audio-guide at the information centre for a returnable deposit. You can choose for the commentary to be in Czech, English, German and sign language.

You won't have to travel only by car to some of the other locations that we are going to introduce to you, step-by-step. You can also make use of the direct train connection “Telč – Dačice – Slavonice” and easily visit three interesting places all in one go.