Across the world_2019

Put aside your everyday worries, your hustle and bustle and come on down and discover the historical gem of Třeboň and its secret nooks or just wander around the city. A city of culture, history and spas. The cyclist's, tourist’s, canoeist's and fisherman’s paradise. You will be itching to come back after just one visit to Třeboň. This city will tug on your heartstrings.
Welcome to Jindřichův Hradec, or if you'd rather, Neuhaus or Nova Domus. Welcome to the protected heritage city near the pond Vajgar where Italian maestros left behind their footprint from the renaissance era.
Our last instalment was in Slavonice and today's lies a mere 20 km from there - in Nová Bystřice. Nová Bystřice is another discreet city on the map that sits right on the border with Austria. Also, another city with an interesting history and some hidden “gems”.
The oldest written mention of Slavonice comes from the 13th century, even though the first settlement was established here about 100 years before then.
The atmosphere of the historical city centre will make you feel like you've stepped right into a different century. Then how, in place of a team of horses, ladies twirling parasols and gentlemen in top hats, are cars driving on the city square as you run into tourists dressed in present-day clothing?
We're going to start in Dačice. In the town where we have our translation and interpretation office, A-tradi.