The oldest written mention of Slavonice comes from the 13th century, even though the first settlement was established here about 100 years before then.

A small, picturesque town on the border of Bohemia, Moravia and Austria is proud of its exquisite renaissance townhouses with richly adorned front walls. Come and discover the magic of the “renaissance gate to Czech Canada”.


The Slavonice town centre is made up of two squares that are lined with medieval homes, decorated with sgraffito and intricate, figurative scenes. Several interiors open to the public are also worth your amazement. For example, the guild hall embellished with sgraffito, the fresco hall with wall murals or the “Maashaus” with its unique cellar arches.   

Underground walkways

Do you enjoy mysticism? Both of Slavonice’s squares hide ancient passageways under the surface. Passageways that originally served as a drainage system. The framework of the halls and cellars cut into the rock has not actually been mapped at this time. Nevertheless, the underground is open to the public during the summer months and you can choose the path you want according to your physical capabilities.

Churches in the centre, a church in the fields

There are two churches standing in the centre of Slavonice for all to see. A long time ago, one of these churches belonged to the town hospital, which explains why it is marked as “hospital”. A stone tower from the 16th century stands as part of the second church. Once you’ve entered the tower, 144 stone and 32 wooden stairs will be waiting for you, but the view of the surrounding area is worth it. You can spot two other sacral buildings from the tower - a close-by baroque chapel or a pilgrimage church from the 13th century in the distance, about 1.5 km from the city centre. 

Military bunkers

Not only military history lovers can visit the Fortifications Complex Slavonice, where one can see parts of the defensive fortification line of former Czechoslovakia. There are two completely equipped and armed military bunkers from 1938 and 1963 accessible in the complex. You can also have a look at the machine gun, the periscope, the company's gear, etc.
If you are interested in seeing other bunkers and learning more about their history, you can go through the 3 km long educational path which has a total of 13 informational tables that recite the history of the defensive embankment’s construction from the years 1935 to 1938. 

Grasel's Trail

The trail carries the name of the leader of a band of thieves who committed crimes around the turn of the 18th century.  An extensive legend about Grasel and his large group comprising of 214 men was born. They committed their crimes in Bohemia, Moravia and even Lower Austria. But note, the educational Grasel's Trail is not some short summer walk by any means, but rather a network of educational hiking paths that is 182 km in total.  

What's going on in Slavonice?

This border town is like a village that has woken up from a long sleep that lasted many years and now strives to attract both tourists and locals alike to its various cultural activities. In the summer you can choose between music and film festivals, exhibitions, art workshops and fairs. 

Tips that could come in handy:

  • Slavonice has become a sought-after location for film-makers due to the out of the ordinary and well-preserved architecture of its homes. As you go wandering around the city you could come across a film crew and maybe even become part of the filming.
  • Thanks to is favourable position along the border, Slavonice is the ideal place to head out from as you go on trips around the area. And should you desire to speak German, you can always hop on your bike or go by car to Slavonice’s neighbour, Austria.
  • Do you like handmade products? Stop by in one of the Maříž ceramic workshops, whether you are in Slavonice or in the near town of Maříž, where you can maybe buy a hand-painted mug or even paint one yourself. They also fire your mugs in their oven right there in the shop so that the paint won’t peel off. You will just have to wait for one to two days. After your wait is over, you can then pick up your mug and make your own tea or coffee in it. And should you not have the time for such a wait, you can bake your own mug at home in your own oven.

Thanks to its peaceful atmosphere, Slavonice and its surrounding area can be found among the most prominent tourist destinations. It's a place where you can put your thoughts together in peace, recharge on positive energy and inspiration that will get you through the everyday or even play sports. Here, the hiking trails and bike paths are flourishing!