We're going to start in Dačice. In the town where we have our translation and interpretation office, A-tradi.

Sugar cubes

A town of small stature, but large historical importance. The town where the first sugar cube on earth beheld the light of day in the year 1843. Jakub Kryštof Rad, the Swiss manager of the Dačice sugar refinery, received the privilege of producing sugar cubes and his new product spread around the whole world. Nowadays, you can come across all kinds of square candy shapes such as card game symbols (clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades) to small, elongated chips, which are especially a favourite in Russia.

Castle of the Dalberg family

For castle and chateaus lovers, we offer a renaissance castle that has recently undergone a serious reconstruction. Its contemporary colour scheme shines into the distance and beckons visitors to take a tour, not only of the building, but also of the adjacent park which boasts a beautiful botanical collection. The Dalbergs were travellers, readers, collectors as well as natural scientists, who left behind their treasures to us. 

Museum and gallery

The Town museum and gallery also reside in the southern wing of the castle. Further on you will also find the Museum of Aviation on Palackého náměstí (Dačice's town square).

The church of Saint Lawrence with adjoining tower and the church of Saint Anthony of Padua with a monastery of the Carmelite Convent

The monastery and the adjacent church of Saint Anthony of Padua were built in the early baroque style, whereas the parish church of Saint Lawrence and the adjoining tower were built 100 years later. These monumental historical buildings are striking architectural sights here in the town of Dačice. The entire history of the churches and the monastery, since their erection to the present day, are very closely bound to the residents of the city and the surrounding area.

What's going on in Dačice?

Things are alive in Dačice. Not only during holidays, but during the entire year as well. Music and theatre festivals, lectures, competitions, programs for children, farmers’ markets... All you have to do is pick one and come. Here, you will be taken care of.

Tips that could come in handy:

  • The town has its own mobile application, thanks to which you won’t have to refer to the town’s printed advertising material. You will also find an interactive map, information about the sights, cultural activities, etc. in the app.
  • For bike lovers, Dačice offers “Cykloplácek” (single track, pumptrack) or an array of bike paths in its surrounding area.
  • If you prefer hiking on foot, you can walk through an educational foot path, 13 km long. 11 stops are waiting for you on the path around Moravské Dyje (Moravian Thaya) and through both the Toužínské and Dubové sides. A diagonally split, green-white trail marker square will make getting orientated in the terrain easier.
  • As soon as you get tired of sightseeing, you can cool off at the local outdoor swimming pool or in any of the several local ponds. But take care, not all ponds are meant for swimming. Feel free to ask any of the locals. Surely, they will be glad to help and point you the right direction.

What you should be prepared for:

  • The parking lots in the city centre are constantly full during the summer months. We recommend leaving your car in a place that is further away and then making your way to the centre on foot. Should you decide to try your luck at finding a parking spot in the centre, don’t forget to place your parking hours on your dash by your car’s front windshield.

Everybody is making their way to Dačice and its surrounding area - whether that means lovers of historical sights, museums and sacral sights or those of you who prefer nature, biking or hiking. Come down and visit Dačice, you won’t regret it.