Dublin – a city of music and dark beer

Dublin – a city of music and dark beer
A bottomless well of activities. Yes, that´s what you might call the capital of the Irish Republic – Dublin.

Just about everyone finds something to his liking here – lovers of good food
and beverages, culture and architecture, sports fans, and science enthusiasts.
In short, Dublin is full of life – both during daytime and nighttime. Concerts, sport matches, market places, street artists – whatever you might prefer …

Dublin also offers numerous places for relaxation and unwinding. Just put on you comfortable shoes and take off in the direction of the capital of Ireland – Dublin.

  • You can take bicycle ride everywhere, not only in the downtown area. The inhabitants of this island city use bicycles a lot, especially for transportation
    to work, since most of the main roads have been expanded by one additional lane that is reserved for bikers only. So, if you want to see the green countryside without using a car, rent a bike and go to Phoenix Park. With its
    707 hectares, it is one of the largest green areas among the European capital cities. Nobody will mind, if you lie down on the lawn to absorb the insular atmosphere. The predominantly deciduous park offers plenty of shade and don’t be surprised, if you meet a herd of fallow deer along the biking track.
  • If you´re a sports fan or seek actively unconventional lookouts, make sure not to miss viewing the Etihad Skyline in Croke Park. In addition to sport and social events, this stadium – being one of the largest stadiums in Europe – offers such opportunities as a walk on its roof, where all of Dublin can be viewed
    from a bird´s eye perspective. You can take a tour of up to 5 lookout points, where you will be able to hear an audio commentary about the insular city´s points of interest. The commentary is available in six language variants.
  • When taking a walk in the downtown district, you should not miss the chance to see the O’Connell Bridge. True, it is quite busy over there, but the bridge´s dimensions are truly impressive. Nowhere in the world will you find a bridge whose breath equals its length.
  • Do you like beer? Make a stop at the Guinness Brewery to taste traditional Irish dark beer. Moreover, you´ll have the opportunity to try and learn how to fill this delicious beverage into a glass from the tap properly. For some a pleasant distraction, for others a challenge…

And finally, some trivia about Ireland. For example, did you know that

  • The Irish system of surnames starting with “Mac” and “O” indicated a generation status? Namely, in Gaelic, “Mac“´means “son of” and “O” means “grandson of”.
  • There are no snakes in Ireland. Allegedly, they have never lived there. Why? Due to the geological evolution of the earth, the island was during the development of the first snake species still inundated by the ocean.
  • Do you know the etymological origin of the Guinness Book of World Records? Yes, you have guessed it right. One of the world´s best-selling books was named after the Irish Guinness brewery, where this dark beer is brewed.
  • In the Irish language, there exist no words for “yes” and “no”, as they are usually replaced by repeating the given verb in the appropriate form.

In Dublin, dark beer is mixed with various styles of music, theater performances, architecture, and street arts. When you have had enough of the busy city, get on
a train and let it take you southwards along the coastline to Bray. The view from a nearby hill is a genuine treat that will make the trip truly worth your while.