Information and communication technology

Information and communication technology
For the past twenty years, the development of information and communication technology has been moving forward at an unbelievable rate. What a few years ago seemed impossible or too far off in the future to be reality has become today’s standard.

If we continue at this rate, where we will find ourselves in another twenty years is worth consideration.

Where we will end up, we’re not quite sure. Nevertheless, we are more than capable of translating within this sector, performing our work in a variety of world-wide languages – Czech, English, German, Russian, Serbian, Hungarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, and even the northern languages of Finnish, Danish, and Swedish

Which kind of translations and language corrections are we talking dealing with here? Interest in various applications has started to grow in the recent past. A few examples of our work are worth highlighting: an application and information system for rescue system components, an application for restaurant administrational facilities and corporate management, etc. Our customers have also requested translations of tablet manuals, press releases on the placement of products on the market, etc.