Prague, the hundred-spired Mother of Cities

Prague, the hundred-spired Mother of Cities
Would you prefer to roam the hushed early morning streets of the Old Town, or enjoy the warm evenings and mysterious shadows dancing along picturesque buildings? Or would you rather sit in a café and watch the typical buzz outside the windows?

Whichever option you prefer, welcome to the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague.  


  • Why is Prague referred to as "hundred-spired"? The Czech city clearly boasted this feature when it actually had 100 spires. However, the total number of the most significant spires is currently over 500! That's not counting the turrets on townhouses.
  • The oldest surviving fountain in Prague is the Singing fountain from the 16th century. The building of the fountain was accompanied by lengthy preparatory and construction work, but after 12 long years the first water sprang forth from the fountain.  The fountain can be seen in the Royal Garden of Prague Castle.
  • Do you like walking? Put on a pair of comfortable shoes and walk through Prague's longest street  - Strakonická, which is 15.5 km long.
  • It will only take you a moment to walk through the shortest street, which is only 27 m long and can be found in the Old Town. It received its name, Jiří Červený St., after the composer, lyricist and founder of the cabaret "Červená Sedma".
  • If you prefer a boat to a hike, let the current of the Vltava River carry you away. Vltava not only flows through the Czech capital, it also embraces several islands in Prague. Many of these islands have their own hame, but the smaller islets are nameless.
  • Slavia, Prague's oldest café, will celebrate a respectable 123 years since its foundation this August.  Since the First Republic, this place has become a symbol of Czech cafés. It is a place where poets, actors, intellectuals and other artists often gather. 
  • They say that Prague is the heart of Europe. It has gained this label due to its ideal location in the heart of the European continent. The city is easily accessible to travelers from all over the world, and Charles Bridge, one of the major tourist destinations, symbolizes the historic connection between the East and West. 


Prague offers a wide range of activities for everyone. From culture and historical monuments to excellent culinary delicacies and tasting experiences.

Experience the unique atmosphere of the Czech capital, which is a real feast for every eye.