Paris – A City of Many Faces

Paris – A City of Many Faces
Paris is unique, inspiring and enchanting, which is why it is one of the most visited cities in the world.
  • Everyone knows the main landmark of Paris, but many of us have yet to see it with our own eyes.
    The Eiffel Tower, loved by some, scorned by others. The original intention was to build this piece
    of art in Barcelona, but because of the negative attitude of the locals we can now admire
    the monumentality of this construction in France.
  • Do you like sitting outside on the terrace of a popular cafe or patisserie? Paris is the perfect place for people who enjoy this type of relaxation. The total number of terraces in the city exceeds
    the respectable number of 9,000!
  • The beautiful city of Paris has many nicknames - the "City of Love”, or even the "City of Lights". Why the city of lights? There are several interpretations. The capital of France was one of the first cities
    in the world where electricity was introduced. Another explanation is the reminder of the Golden Age of the city and its intellectual background. As we all know, many artists and philosophers grew up
    in Paris and many live there today. 
  • If you get frustrated at every intersection with a STOP sign, move to Paris; you will have a hard time finding a single one. A little hint, so you don't search for too long - you can find one in the 16th arrondissement.
  • Are you wondering which city has the highest number of Francophone inhabitants? You think it's Paris? Wrong. It is Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  This city contains the highest number of French-speaking people.
  • And finally, one more interesting fact. If you're a fan of green areas and trees in cities, you will be delighted by the large amount Paris contains. The impressive number of 470,000 trees speaks for itself.

 If you still don't know which city you would like to explore, you should know that the capital of France offers an endless amount of options.