Who doesn't know London, the City on the River Thames? The multicultural English metropolis with an incessantly busy life - day and night.
  • The London Underground occupies the first place among world metro systems. It is the oldest "tube" in the world. The history of the Underground began in January 1863, when the first ever steam locomotive trains rolled out in the London underground between Paddington Station and Farringdon Station. The peoples' interest was enormous; about 40,000 passengers were transported on the very first day.  Just to give you a clear idea, the London Underground currently transports approximately 2.5 million passengers every day. 
  • Let's stay underground for a while. Beneath the surface of England's capital city... well, perhaps there are treasures as well, but to begin with, you can find half-forgotten underground rivers, one of which flows directly beneath Buckingham Palace. The more London expanded, the more rivers disappeared from the surface of the earth. If you like mysteries, you can follow the "trail" of these lost rivers as you wander through the city. 
  • Do you want to tell the world what's on your mind? Then take advantage of the opportunity and visit one of London's largest parks, Hyde Park. The park contains a Speaker's Corner, a place where people are allowed to express their opinions on any topic. Since 1872, when this place was established, hundreds of speakers have spoken here. Will you be one of them?
  • If architecture is what you're interested in, then New London Architecture in Bloomsbury is the right choice for you. It is a place of meeting, learning and development. You can look forward to a combination of the past, present and future of London's streets. The project captures the historical development of buildings in London and also outlines the future changes that await the capital of England. 
  • Do you or your loved ones love flowers? Visit the traditional flower markets that are held every Sunday on Columbia Road. There is nothing but cut and potted flowers as far as the eye can see. You can choose from a multitude of types, colors and scents, or you can just look and soak up the unique atmosphere that prevails here.     

Travel, get to know and taste everything that this vibrant city with unmistakable symbols such as black cabs, red telephone boxes and double-decker buses has to offer.