Beautiful, vibrant, and very cosmopolitan. These are the attributes we could use for Geneva, the Swiss town at the confluence of two rivers. Although the Swiss comprise more than a half of the city’s inhabitants, the remaining 40 per cent of its permanent residents hail from 187 countries of the world. No wonder, for Geneva is the domicile of many international organizations, including leading global financial institutions.

This is not about the famous Flower Clock or the town’s dominant, the Jet d´Eau Fountain, or the Broken Chair commemorating the victims of a military disaster – none of the above.

This is about other attractive features of the second largest city of Switzerland.

  • Go to Holland for tulips, go to Switzerland for roses. Any doubts? Perhaps you should visit the Rose Garden in Parc de la Grange. You’ll feel like in a fairy tale, as if you were in another world. A feast for your eyes, certainly worth seeing. There are over 10,000 roses of more than 200 varieties! Where else would you find so many roses in one place in Geneva?
  • What secrets might be hidden in Passage De Monetier? It is the former secret escape corridor from Geneva, which allowed one to leave Geneva unnoticed. The passage is closed today, but there is a chance to use it on a certain weekend once a year. Want to know when? In December, during the Escalade Festival. If you want to walk through the passage, be patient. The waiting line of tourists is quite long, for you are definitely not the only one to try.
  • For lovers of board games, there are large chessboards available in the very heart of Geneva. Do not look for tables, as the game takes place directly on the sidewalk, in the middle of the park, outdoors, in a little park named Parc des Bastions. The chessboards are available free-of-charge to all chess or checker players, adults and youngsters or the elderly, in short, anyone strong enough the move the nearly one meter tall figurines.
  • If you do not have much time to visit the city, but want to see as much of it as possible, rent a bike and take a ride through Geneva on your own. Bicycle renting is very popular tourist service in Genève Roule, the northern part of the town. During the summer season you can rent a bike for up to 4 hours gratis.
    Geneva is genuinely biker-friendly. The yellow-marked lane in the streets is designated specifically for bikers.
  • If you happen to be a passionate collector of something or simply enjoy the unique atmosphere of flea markets, you should not miss Plaine de Plainpalais. Since 1970, the first year of this flea market, it has been one of the most popular attractions to visitors and locals alike. Have fun picking out your collection piece every Wednesday and Saturday morning – there is something for everyone, you’ll see.
  • Do you love watching water? Make sure to visit the confluence point of Rhône and Arve. Visiting this point is an extraordinary experience, as the mixing of the two rivers is quite impressive, since they have a different color each! The resulting mix varies from blue, green, and brown. The color difference between the two streams is most distinct from late spring until early fall.
  • If you begin to feel worn out from all the sightseeing and need a break, go to Promenade de la Treille and look for its famous park bench. Not many people know that is entered in the Guinness Book of Records, thanks to its impressive length of 126 meters. It took an incredible number of wooden boards – 180 in all – to make it in 1767.

In closing, let us mention yet another remarkable event, even though it is not exactly in Geneva. It is no secret that the Swiss love joyous celebrations and colorful festivals. In this respect, Fète de Vignerons in Vevey is a really interesting event. The tradition of these wine-tasting conventions dates all the way back to 16th century. Another noteworthy detail is that this holiday takes place only once every 25 years.

When is it going to be held next? In July 2019. Hence, if you love good wine and entertainment, you might want to plan a trip to Switzerland for that month. Just don’t forget that tickets will be available already in 2018, so make sure you won’t have to wait another 25 years.