When you say Amsterdam, most of us probably think of cheese, windmills or colorful carpets of tulips. Most of all, Amsterdam is a city with a charming historic center. The city that combines a number of water canals and solid bridges with attractive architecture.
  • Amsterdam is a city built on water, where even the smallest house sits on at least two hundred stilts. 13,659 -  that is the number of logs on which the entire Royal Palace stands, dating back to the 17th century. The building, however, houses neither a Dutch monarch, nor the government or parliament, so you can examine both the outside and the inside of the palace during your travels through Amsterdam. 
  • A lot of water, many canals, and even more bridges. This is what Amsterdam, also called the "Venice of the North", looks like. The city center is crisscrossed with 165 water canals, and you can cross almost 1,300 bridges of various lengths and architectural styles. The functionality of the bridges is adapted to the frequency of sailing boats that cruise through the Amsterdan canals every day.
  • Do you like flower markets? Then don't forget the one in Amsterdam, which stands out from all the rest of them. It is the only floating market in the world. In the 19th century, when the market was founded, flowers from all over the world were carried here on boats. So it was much easier to sell goods on the water than to unload them ashore. Because the market is open to visitors throughout the year, you can give your loved ones a fragrant gift in any season, or you can buy tulip bulbs and plant genuine Amsterdam tulips in your own garden.
  • Let's talk about flowers a bit more. Have you heard of the place called Keukenhof, literally "Kitchen court"? It's no wonder it's called the Garden of Europe. Keukenhof is the largest flower park in Europe, and it's a stone's throw away from Amsterdam. A place full of flowers, scents and bright colors, it's literally a feast for your eyes and soul. Every year seven million tulips, hyacinths and daffodils blossom here. If you want to walk through the whole park, you can look forward to 15 kilometers of sidewalk. However, you must plan your visit well. The flower park is only open 8 weeks of the year, from March to May.
  • When you get tired of wandering through the narrow streets of Amsterdam and your thirst kicks in, visit one of the local cafés or bars. With over 1,500 cafes and bars in the city, there is a lot to choose from. The old cafés will surround you with their unique atmosphere and dim light, and the new stylish bars will catch your attention from afar with their neon lights and loud music playing inside. However, there is one thing these cafés and bars have in common: the frequent exhibitions of art by contemporary artists, and especially a wide range of different types of beers, which can attract many a thirsty visitor. 

Amsterdam is a city of contrasts. It's a multicultural center of art and entertainment. A city of tolerance and diversity. Amsterdam will surely be to your liking too.