Bohemian Paradise – Český ráj

Bohemian Paradise – Český ráj
Let yourself be carried away… Where? Well, to Paradise!

This part of the country is situated fifty kilometers NE of Prague.

This region´s diversity of natural attractions set into a romantic landscape adorned by countless historical sites is rightfully called Český Ráj, i.e., Bohemian Paradise.

Typical for this region is landscape with rocky formations, natural look-out platforms, and deposits of gem stones. The exceptional character of the region is complemented with castles and chateaux that evoke fairy-tale images of beautiful princesses, brave knights, and bearded robbers.

The region´s deep forests, complex system of man-made lakes built on small water streams, and the adjacent wetlands form important ecosystems that play a major role in the preservation of protected and endangered flora and fauna.

In the northern part of this protected nature reserve are rocks of volcanic origin containing rich deposits of agates, amethysts, chalcedonies, and jaspers. Particularly unique are the mineral deposits in the quarry Votrubcův Lom in Kozákov which still conceals various types of semi-precious gem minerals. With the owner´s consent, you may be allowed to look for gems on the southern slope of Kozákov and have your findings finished in the local gem-grinding shop. You do not even have to bring your own hammer – you can rent one for a small fee there.

One of the symbols the Bohemian Paradise is the Castle named Trosky, whose typical two-towered silhouette is absolutely unique amongst the numerous Czech castles. Its towers are wedged between the volcanic formations, which is quite an exceptional sight in our country´s conditions. Its location made Trosky a truly invincible castle in its time. Similar castles may be found in France.

Best known of the rock formations known as rock cities is Prachovské Skály which has a long history reaching back to the ancient times of the first settlers´ arrival.  The importance of the region´s history was further enhanced by the production of “tollars” in the Jáchymov mint in the 16th century and history of several important battles.      

No wonder that the rock city now bears the name “cradle of mountain climbing”. Records of the first mountain climbers date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Then, as well as today, Prachovské Skály was and is the favorite place for this sport discipline. If you are fans of climbing, do not hesitate to try this sport here.       

In 2005, the protected nature reserve of Bohemian Paradise was declared European Geopark. The region is open to visitors all year around. Individual seasons enhance the beauty of this location, each of them is always ready to surprise you in its own way.