Across the world

Bratislava is considered by many to be a city where there is nothing remarkable and nothing ever happens. This unfavorable label is bygone history, for in recent years, the Slovak metropole has been enjoying unprecedented revival and beautification.
A bottomless well of activities. Yes, that´s what you might call the capital of the Irish Republic – Dublin.
Paris is unique, inspiring and enchanting, which is why it is one of the most visited cities in the world.
“Venice of the North”. This is what many call the capital of Sweden – Stockholm. Proud of their metropole, the Swedes themselves call it “Beauty on Water“, in appreciation of their clean and peaceful city with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.
Small, inconspicuous, and beautiful, yet very busy, both during the winter and summer seasons – such is Hinterglemm in western Austria. In the summer months hear the bike wheels rolling by, in the winter the sound of whizzing skis.
Beautiful, vibrant, and very cosmopolitan. These are the attributes we could use for Geneva, the Swiss town at the confluence of two rivers. Although the Swiss comprise more than a half of the city’s inhabitants, the remaining 40 per cent of its permanent residents hail from 187 countries of the world. No wonder, for Geneva is the domicile of many international organizations, including leading global financial institutions.
Who doesn't know London, the City on the River Thames? The multicultural English metropolis with an incessantly busy life - day and night.
When you say Amsterdam, most of us probably think of cheese, windmills or colorful carpets of tulips. Most of all, Amsterdam is a city with a charming historic center. The city that combines a number of water canals and solid bridges with attractive architecture.
Would you prefer to roam the hushed early morning streets of the Old Town, or enjoy the warm evenings and mysterious shadows dancing along picturesque buildings? Or would you rather sit in a café and watch the typical buzz outside the windows?